DAIS Ishinomaki: The Valley of the Wind “as a Safe Place”

The Mano area of Ishinomaki City, where DAIS Ishinomaki is located, is the borderland between the world of rice paddies and fields in the plains where humans live, and the mountainous region where a variety of wild animals and plants exist.

Although strong winds blow at the turn of the seasons, it is a very well-ventilated village surrounded by nature that changes beautifully throughout the year.

Even during the COVID pandemic, where there were restrictions on people’s movement, weeds were still growing thickly and wild animals could be seen here and there. Perhaps living a life rooted in the earth and touching the soil reminds us of important things that modern people tend to forget.


Access to DAIS Ishinomaki :
15 minutes from Sanriku Expressway “Ishinomaki – Onagawa” IC exit.
Approximately 25 minutes by car from Ishinomaki Station of the JR Senseki Line.