How is it like in the DAIS FARM?


DAIS FARM is an experimental farming activity to rebuild an abandoned farmland within DAIS Ishinomaki.

It was started when we met each other with helps by the Mano Ward mayor and other locals. We are the beginners of farming, with connections with Chie and Daisuke (of Field Trip Project Organizing Committee). We are doing it in our own pace with trials and errors.

DAIS Ishinomaki is fortunate to have nature wealth in all four seasons; mugworts, cod-buds, wipes, mitsubas in Spring, and figs, chestnuts, persimmons in Autumn as the field used to be an apple plant.

I would like the DAIS FARM to be a new place where we learn to know each other by communicating with everyone respecting and ought to be true to oneself, and grow together as people, things, stuff, life through farming through kindness of Mano locals.

(Hiromi Matsukawa)

Photo Gallery

We enjoy farming like this!!

2022-2023 Season

Dried Persimmons

Sowing Seeds

Field Preparations


Farm Calendar (Sorry Japanese language only for now 🙂 )