DAIS AIR as Self-Directed Experiences

DAIS AIR is a self-directed Artist In Residence (AIR) program that emphasizes the production process rather than the result/outcome. Residents can interact with diverse communities and visitors, enjoy the natural environment, and “plan and execute their own plans.” Currently, we are still testing and developing pilot programs, but in the future we hope to launch the following four categories (at this point… so no guarantee):


Curator+Artist Residency

Artists and curators are a close-knit team that executes exhibitions and art projects. However, how well do they understand each other outside of projects? In this program, an artist and a curator will stay together at the same time, deepening their friendships while interacting with DAIS Ishinomaki community.

Artist + Family Residency

This is a program that artists who are working while raising children and/or assisting parents. With this program the artists can participate together with their families.