CHODO = “I cannot sit still at all.”

We will explore and reconsider the meaning of art and philosophy as a means of living and coexistence in Mano, Ishinomaki City, a city rich in nature, through a heterogeneous performance woven by diverse participants, regardless of the presence or absence of disabilities, differences in nationality, or genre of art. We hold a multi-purpose outdoor art event every year started in 2022, featuring performances by theater, dance, and music teams active in and around Ishinomaki City, international cuisine prepared by foreigners living in Ishinomaki City, and an exhibition of artworks related to disaster folklore.

“Chodo,” non familiar Japanese word in the title is in the Ishinomaki dialect which means “I cannot sit still at all.” We can’t help but move even when movement is restricted, and we hope that by using “Chodo-fes-like thinking” to slightly tickle the rigid post-COVID pandemic norms, we will lead to the future of the region and the realization of a circulative society.

*”Chodo-fes-like thinking” is a way of thinking that is autonomous, fluid, and enjoyable. It comes from the word “jinen”, which means “the state of things as they are”. The idea behind the Chodo Festival is to eliminate large-scale stage equipments and create an outdoor stage that borrows from the natural scenery of Mano, equipment that uses recycled materials and bamboo that grows naturally in the area, and viewers will bring the tools they need for viewing and eating to conserve resources. This is reflected in our unique rule of not wasting anything.